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About Us

The Pinnacle List - Canada

The Pinnacle List is a premier global luxury real estate brand, quickly becoming the most leading-edge, innovative, and engaging full-service listing portals on the Internet.

Our luxury real estate listing service offers active marketing and promotion in Canada for local luxury homes, estates, and properties for sale – engaging Canadian buyers and sellers with an audience of national and international viewers.

As an worldwide real estate portal, we strive to be the ultimate presentation platform for luxury listings around the world, with cutting-edge visual, video, and direct message technologies, ignited by next-level responsive media design that delivers on the important marketing and promotional needs in today’s modern mobile world of communications for elite agents, real estate brokerages, and luxury brands.

Why The Pinnacle List?

Local luxury real estate markets are now, more than ever, being reshaped by the influence of global property buyers. Investors are increasingly looking at luxury real estate as an asset class in prime markets. Financial returns, preservation of capital, political concerns, and currency exchange fluctuations are increasingly affecting international property markets. The empirical evidence is clear; international forces rule the top of luxury real estate sectors in markets, such as London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Miami, San Francisco, Paris, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Residential real estate around the world is a tale of two markets in every country – luxury and everything else. For the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) buyer; location, not geography, matters. Luxury real estate can be an emotional asset; it can be a pure passion investment. But above all, what the super-rich and the ultra-wealthy really value is the lifestyle attributes that come with their property purchase.

Purchasers of luxury homes can now easily come from anywhere around the world because the Internet has unequivocally transformed the luxury real estate market into a global entity. On the flip side, in order to exceed the purchase constraints of local real estate marketing, luxury home sellers need to reach external purchasers from outside their market area.

Some real estate portfolios of UHNW individuals include multiple properties around the world. The majority of these buyers aren’t under any pressure to buy. Consider them as buyers of opportunity. If they are exposed to the right property, they will make a purchase. That is the crux of the matter. Exposure to as many potential qualified buyers as possible is crucial. The goal is to get as many eyes on the property for sale as you can.